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Winnie is on Goose Watch

Don't be alarmed if you see 'Winnie' riding on a golf cart from time to time. She is a 18 month old labrador who loves to ride, more importantly chase geese. Our unpopular mid-summer residents of Granite Springs have arrived and Winnie loves to run, especially after geese!

2022 Club Championship Week

Thanks to all that have signed up for events this week for the Club Championship. We have 97 participants signed up for this weeks Championship. The Par 3 is almost full with 45 participants and 34 people have RSVP for the Champions Dinner on Aug 4. Remember the Deck Party with Brian and Mike on Aug 5 is open to all!

The Maintenance Team has done a great job in grooming the course. The greens are running nice and smooth, fairway widening is really taking shape especially on No. 12, bunker improvements have started. Inspection of the bunkers on July 31 have passed the first test.

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