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Code of Conduct for Members and Guests

The management staff at Granite Springs Golf Club will deal with all matters pertaining to the conduct of members, guests and employees.

 Members and guests will:

•    Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and always show respect for fellow players,
      staff and volunteers.

•    Adhere to the dress code and observe proper golf etiquette.

•    Respect the golf course and club facilities.

•    Follow all club rules as prescribed by the management staff.

•    Obey the legal laws of the land.

•    Never physically abuse or verbally abuse others or threaten physical abuse. 

•    Not use drugs or bring outside alcohol onto the premises.

•    Not smoke marijuana as the club is a private property.


If you observe any breaches of the above conditions, please fill out an incident report form, available at the clubhouse office.

The general manager will contact you and the other involved member(s), guest(s) and staff members to review the situation.

The club’s management staff will decide whether any formal disciplinary action shall occur. Such disciplinary action may include the suspension of playing privileges, the involvement of an appropriate legal authority and/or expulsion from the club.

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