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The Clubhouse

The Lodge Dining Room Hours:

Wed 3pm - 9pm

Thurs 3pm - 9pm

Fri 3pm-9pm

Sat 11am - 9pm 

Sun 11am - 6pm


The Lodge Dining Room offers a full-service dining experience in a beautiful venue. The new and improved menu features a selection of traditional maritime cuisine and classics that are sure to please. We are pleased to offer new menu items that support the buy local initiative. Our experienced and friendly staff will treat you like friends and family. With a view of our course and the picturesque Shad Bay, your dining experience at The Lodge Dining Room will be enjoyable and memorable.  

Fine Dining Rustic Menu_bleed.jpg
Fine Dining Rustic Menu_bleed 2.jpg
Golf Course Menu.jpg
Golf Course Menu_bleed.jpg



The Bayview Bar & Grill is located just before our 10th tee, and is the most recent addition to Granite Springs Golf Club.

The Bayview offers a selection of light breakfast and lunch items including hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches as well as snacks and hot and cold beverages. Head to Bayview to grab a cold one or a quick bite. Make sure you get an energy boost that will help you get through the back nine!



During busy days throughout the hot summer months you will spot our beverage cart roaming the course offering a wide selection of cold beverages and light snacks to keep you fuelled and refreshed during your round! The beverage cart is scheduled for the following days based on golf volume.

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