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Better Ball

We had a fantastic two person better ball event this past weekend. This was the 1st Annual GSGC (club) yes club, Better Ball Event. We had 17 teams in the two day event. The overall winners with a total score of 142 were Dave Pothier and Luke Mills.

Breakdown of all the winners:

Flight #1:

First Gross: Bobby Marriott and Paul Fewer

Second Gross: Adam Morash and Ben Gilbert

First Net: Brian Smart and Neil Bates

Second Net: Ken Skinner and Paul DeBelie

Flight #2

First Gross: Nathan Mullins and Stu Scott

Second Gross: Adam Smith and Dave Feetham

First Net: Valerio Letterio and Jonathan Letterio

Second Net: Naish Kennedy and Kevin Durnford

Hoping we can double the participation in 2023!

Maintenance Day Aug 22

Thanks for your cooperation as the Maintenance Team applied a fungicide on the greens to further strengthen the greens during the hot, humid wet days. This will keep the greens running smooth for the balance of the season.

Upcoming events:

Aug 23 SMU Alumni

Aug 25 Lebanese Society

Sept 13 Durty Nellies

Sept 14 Halifax Water

Sept 15 Advocis

Sept 22 Gideons

Sept 23 Business is Jammin

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