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2022 Hole in One Drive Update:

The following have gotten a hole-in-one this season:

Dave Sears

Ray Drohan

Pierre Collins

John George

Dan Peet

Congratulations to all!

The Lodge Restaurant will closed on July 16, 2022 for a wedding. The driving range will close at 2pm on the same day.

The next maintenance Monday will be July 25, thanks for your cooperation on these days.

Brian and Mike will be performing for the first time this season on July 22. Hopefully we can have a big turn out to welcome them back to the Deck! This will be a warm-up for their performance on Aug 5 for the Par 3 Tournament.

Club Championship sign-up sheet is outside the pro-shop. Only three ladies have signed up as of today!

Did you know that the Lodge Restaurant offers:

Locally sourced fish, unique homestyle meatloaf and a world famous Halifax Tradition!


Granite Springs Light and Lager by Spindrift. Nine Locks, Chain Yard all local!!


Wednesday - Friday 3pm-9pm

Saturday 11am-9pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

We are looking at having 'night golf' this year! Keep posted for more info.

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