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The season is slowly coming to an end.....

The 2022 golf season is slowly coming to an end...

November 6th will be the last day for play at Granite Springs.

Our tournament season is over now and we are grateful to all of the groups and associations that chose Granite Springs to host their events.


On October 11th , we continued airifying all the greens on the golf course. A special shout out goes to a group of around a dozen members that came out to help out with the clean up.

The process pulled deep cores from the greens to help reduce compaction and allow the greens to breathe. It's a necessary exercise that will hopefully make our greens healthier and more receptive to approach shots. Here are a few photos of the members helping out! Thank you everyone.


All member lockers must be emptied out and keys returned to the club office by October 31st.

The Iron Man Tournament scheduled for Saturday November 5th is SOLD OUT. The event sold out in three days. It's going to be an awesome day for everyone.

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