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Sept Events - Dollar Spot

Hello everyone, we hope all you have had a great season thus far. We wanted to update you on events during September.

These events may result in full course closure or modified starts:

Sept 13 Durty Nellies

Sept 14 Halifax Water

Sept 22 Gideons

Sept 23 Business is Jammin

We are planning a public scramble for Sept 16, this will be open to members as well. Also there will be a member event on Sept 25. We have not determined the format of this two person team event.

2023 Membership information will be released in Mid Sept. Stay tuned!

Dollar spot has been spotted in the area of some tee boxes. Maintenance will apply an application on Sept 8 to try and slow the spread of this. Tee times will be delayed until 9am on Thursday.

Sept 16 Public Scramble:

We thank you for your cooperation!

Granite Springs Team

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