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How To Add More Distance To Your Game

1. Learn and Record Your Yardages The first step in crushing the ball is to figure out where you currently are. You can go to a simulator or even just eye ball it at the range. Take every club and shoot 5 or so balls. Then, take the best

one and write down its yardage. Repeat with every club until you have a good chart to use. Comparing yourself to player averages is a good idea to see how you currently stack up. For reference, between all golfers the average drive is 220 yards. Age has a huge factor in this though and can change the average significantly.

2. Improve Your Fitness Level The off-season is the perfect time to become a more powerful golfer. While you do not have to lift weights twice a day, every day, just getting in better shape can improve your swing and distance greatly. Try light weights a couple times a week. A stronger body will allow you to have a stronger swing. Also, cutting down some weight by going for runs or doing some form of cardio will allow you to have better movement of the club. Flexibility is also an especially important part of having a smooth (and long lasting) swing. Doing some stretching every day is also a great idea and can keep you on the course for a longer time.

3. Get Fitted for Clubs While new golf clubs are nowhere near cheap, getting properly fitted for clubs is such a key step that most players never consider. Your club is the only thing between you and the ball and having it perfect for you is important. While you do not have to buy a brand new, full set; simply changing your shafts, grips or lofts can be a huge benefit. There are many suitable places in the Halifax region that offer these services for a fair price. This is the only step that costs but try not to overlook it.

4. Get Out There and Practice! Now you have all the tools to succeed. You know where you lie, you are in good shape and your clubs are perfect for you. The only thing to do now is to get out and practice. Go to the driving range and go through different drills to get that swing down. The first thing to try is hitting the ball as straight as possible. In this stage, do not try and hit it far. Swing smooth and lightly, just focusing on hitting the middle of the club face. Once you are comfortable with this, then you should start to bring the speed up to a normal level. Once that is feeling better, speed training is the best way to improve distance. While swinging harder does not always equal further; longer golfers have higher swing speeds. Attempt some swings as hard as you can and slowly bring down the speed until it is a comfortable feeling and is accurate. You now have your speed set and are ready to start getting more distance!

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