Tuesday Tip #3: Bonus Tip – Your First Round of the Year

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Bonus Tip: Tuesday, April 4, 2018

Your first round of golf of of 2018 may be coming up soon and it’s important to be ready! We found a great piece published on WAM Golf way back in 2011 and we had to share it with you for this weeks Bonus Tip. The article goes into detail on five tips to help get you through your first round of the year.

We particularly liked their fifth point:

Be Patient: This is universal for golf but more important during round one. The two biggest complaints I hear about golf are the pace of play and the cost. Patience will help you overcome the pace. If it’s your first time out for the year, there is a good chance it’s other peoples first time out  too. If you’re not in midseason form, how can you expect someone else to be. “

For more, click through to the article at the link above!


Have you been practising this off-season? Maybe you have a tip for us! Send us your golf tip to info@granitespringsgolf.com and if we feature it in one of our Tuesday Tips you will win a free golf cart to use anytime during the 2018 season!

Granite Springs plans to open for play on Thursday, April 19th, weather permitting!

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Bonus Tip: Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

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This weeks Bonus Tip comes from one of our subscribers and Granite Springs Member, Eileen Williams, who has a great reminder for anyone with a powered push cart:

“If you have an electric cart, time to  test your battery and top it up. Then 2 weeks later plug it in again, especially if it is a lithium battery. Really this should have been done every month, but it is not too late.”

Thanks for the great tip Eileen! For sending in the tip Eileen will receive a free power cart to use for any round this season!

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