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Granite Springs Experience Golf Passes Offer Complete Flexibility


At Granite Springs we want to offer you a great experience and that all starts with the packages we are able to offer. Our golf passes were designed with everyone in mind, from the casual golfer who may only get in a few rounds per year to the golfers who play 20, 30, 40, or more! With packages starting at 5 rounds for our Spring Golf Passes and up to 36 rounds passes at $39 per round, there is something for everyone. For full pricing visit our Membership & Passes page.

Transferability:golf passes

Share and Save!  The best thing about our golf passes is that you can share them with whoever you want. If you have friends you golf with you can split the passes however you want and you will bring down your cost per round. It is very easy to manage your passes on our new Golf Club Management software, Chronogolf. We will be able to set you up an account for your passes and either divide your passes as you wish, or you can keep them all under one account; whatever is easiest for you! Your rounds will be deducted as tee times are booked.

No Play Restrictions:

We want you to golf when you want to golf! With all of our golf pass options you can play on your schedule, provided there is a tee time available. This means you don’t have to worry about when you can or can’t play! You can always play, whether it’s a Saturday morning or a Monday evening, if there is a team time available you can book it.

Locked In Rate:

Once you purchase your golf pass package, you can add on additional rounds at the same per round rate. For example, if you and 3 friends split a 36 round pass (9 rounds each) you all lock in your per round rate at $39.


For more information or to discuss our different golf pass option please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager Greg Long at 902-852-3419 ext 226 or by email at

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