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Sandra Kiley

Earlier this week, we had the privilege of sitting down with our long-time staff member and friend, Sandra Kiley, to learn more about her life, values, and experiences on and off the golf course! Sandra has worked at Granite Springs for a total of 10 years, and had many great stories and words of wisdom to share with us. Of course, we had to pause this interview a few times to allow for all the great laughs and jokes she shared!

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Sandra and her interesting story that led her to Granite Springs, and we’re sure you will too!

Here is our full interview with Sandra:


Question: Please introduce yourself, your job, where you’re from and your hobbies.


Answer: My name is Sandra Kiley, I work at the Bayview here at Granite Springs and I live in Shad Bay which is really close to the course and why I chose to work here. I’m originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. have been working at GSGC for 10 years!



Question: How long have you been working at Granite Springs?


Answer: This year will mark my 10th year! Laughs. It has been 10 years.



Question: What are three words that best describe you?


Answer: [Three words best to describe me], that was difficult so I came up with ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. Laughs.



Question: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?


Answer: I came up with three: coffee, food and beer, but if I had to pick one it would be Budweiser beer! Laughs.



Question: What is your favourite thing to do?


Answer: [My favourite thing to do] is to spend time on the boat in the summer time, I like to travel home to BC when I can to see my family, and spending time on the dock with friends in the community.



Question: What do you do when you’re on the boat?


Answer: [On the boat] I relax, have a beer and hang out with friends.



Question: What else do you do for fun?


Answer: I go fishing for lobster, I have a fishing license for lobster. I also like having a fire in my backyard under the star gaze – I call it fire therapy.



Question: How do you define success?


Answer: [I define success as] living a good and happy life as a lot of us have lost a lot of people before us that are unable to do that. I try to keep it very positive and happy, and just live.



Question: Please tell us a little bit about your family.


Answer:  I’ve been married for 29 years. I have two children, a daughter Keri and a son Jack, and they’ve both grown up and no longer live at home. My mother is First Nations status with the Cowichan Band in Vancouver Island, BC, and my father is British. I have two brothers and one sister who also live out west.


My dad sailed the 7 seas for 35 years with the Navy and never fired a single bullet. The year my father retired was the same year the Gulf War started – he was kind of angry that he had to retire that year. Laughs. And my mother worked in finance for as many years [35]. Oh, and I have a cat too! Bella, can’t forget about Bella! More laughter.



Question: What is your favourite quote?


Answer: [My favourite quote] would have to be “Would you like a bacon an’egger?” Laughs.


Or there’s a second one too! “Sorry it’s before 10:00.” Laughs. Because you can’t serve beer before 10:00! More laughter.



Question: Where is your favourite spot that you have travelled to, and why?


Answer: [My favourite spot that I travelled to], I was very young when I did it, was probably to Stonehenge in England. I started my schooling in England, my father was transferred to Portsmouth, England when we were kids. My mother has a picture of us sitting on the rocks at Stonehenge, when you could at one time go and sit on the rocks. The picture is of the three of us because my mother was pregnant at the time with my brother who was born there. I was young when the trip happened but it’s one of those things that just stick out in your mind.


But there are many places I’ve travelled too, my favourite trips are driving in a car across the country. Of course, I’ve flown many times but when you drive you get to see the beauty and the diversity of this country, and you see way more of the country.



Question: Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.


Answer: [Three things most people don’t know about] me, well I’ve mentioned one already, I started school in Portsmouth, England, so when I moved back to Canada I had a British accent, isn’t that funny! Laughs.


I worked in the insurance industry for 30 years before I started working at Granite Springs. Stress sort of drove me this way, I needed a change in career and I thought this was completely different than what I was used to.


I’m also a good cook but I can’t bake or sew! Laughs.



Question: What is something about yourself that might surprise people?


Answer: I hate snakes, bugs, and lizards; my favourite hockey team is the Vancouver Canucks, second would have to be Toronto Maple Leafs; and my favourite hockey players are Sydney Crosby and Carey Price.



Question: What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?


Answer: Working at the Bayview, I find it’s a very social atmosphere here so I enjoy the social aspect and everybody enjoys a good joke or a good laugh with me every day. It’s a very low stress job from where I come from in my previous history. I like all of my fellow team workers, I have a great view up here every day and I get lots of exercise! Laughs. Granite Springs keeps me in shape! More laughter.



Question: What have you always wanted to try but never did?


Answer: [I have always wanted to] drive a NASCAR, ski down a mountain in British Columbia, fly in a hot air balloon or swim with sharks that I know are there! Laughs.



Question: How often do you play golf, and what is your best score playing at Granite Springs?


Answer: I’m not really a golfer. I do have privileges with my employment and I try to get out a few times a year but I’m pretty good at driving the cart and carrying the beer! Laughs.



Question: Are there any other final comments you would like to add to this interview?


Answer: I’ve met a lot of interesting people over my 10 years and always said to my fellow co-workers that we should be keeping a diary of all of the funny things that happen, and of what see that happens, at this course. Over the years you know you could have a laugh every day, I swear, about, you know, people enjoying themselves.


Silly things, like people will ask me, “What do your sandwiches look like?” So, my answer would be, “A sandwich”. Then they’ll say, “Well what kind of sandwiches do you have?” So, you go through egg, tuna, ham & cheese, roast beef, chicken, and then they’ll say, “I’ll just have a hot dog.” Laughs. Or my other favourite question is, “Where’s the washroom?” More laughter.



Final Thoughts:

We’re very grateful for Sandra’s hard work, bright smile, infectious sense of humor, and kind heart. It’s a pleasure having her at the course! Stay tuned for more great staff stories – they will be posted regularly!


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