The 2022 version of Men's Night will look very familiar to everyone. The only difference is that we have added a small twist for the coming season. We are also going to introduce a team format. On Wednesday May 4th we will be hosting a League Draft Event. All league players will be picked to play on different teams that have been created by the Golfshop. The team competition will run in the background each week. The Golfshop will tabulate Quota Points earned by each player every week and will add them towards the weekly team score. The top 5 (Five) quota point totals on each team will constitute the team score. Weekly perfect attendance will be rewarded with an additional 100 points for a team. Weekly results will be posted and team prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.
Please register in the league portal for Men's Night by clicking the link below.
In the portal, click the Home button to find League Registration
League Registration is officially open.