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Granite Springs Golf Club 2018 Membership Referral Program

We are super excited to launch our 2018 Membership Referral Program. We know how important our Members and Pass Holders are in spreading the word about Granite Springs. Therefore, beginning immediately any Member or Experience Pass holder will be able earn Club Credit simply by referring your friends, colleagues, family, etc. to Granite Springs.  In addition, the person being referred will also receive the referral rewards! It’s win win win! See details below:

Referral Rewards:

Here’s the big one!

  • Grand Prize Draw:

Any current Member or Experience Pass holder who refers someone to the Club and the person who becomes a Member or Experience Pass holder will be entered in a draw at the end of the season to win a 2019 Membership or Experience Pass Package equal to the value of the referral. Therefore, if you refer a new 24 Experience Pass holder you will both be entered in the draw to win a 24 Experience Pass for 2019. Sounds good, right?

Now you are probably wondering about the Club Credit, how does that work?

  • Club Credit

The current Member or Experience Pass holder and the new Member or Experience Pass holder being referred will both receive 8% of the value of the referred Membership or Experience Pass package as Club Credit. For Example:

  • A Full Privilege Membership referral would receive 8% x $1650 = $132.00 Club Credit… That’s like 24 beers (maybe a few less if you drink the fancy stuff).
  • A 24 Experience Pass package would receive 8% x $1050 = $84.00 Club Credit…. 5 pounds of wings anyone?

Questions or want to make a referral?

Contact Granite Springs’ Membership and Marketing Director, Greg Long, at 902-407-5592 or to discuss this program, ask any questions, or to make a referral!


Customer Feedback Survey

Also, please consider taking approximately 5 minutes to help us learn more about your experience at Granite Springs. Whether you are a member, green fee player, or have played in tournaments at Granite Springs we want and value your opinion. Oh yeah, there are prizes too!

Click here to take the survey and learn more!





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