Granite Springs Golf Passes

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Golf Passes have a lot to offer!


Granite Springs Golf Passes cannot be beat if you are looking for the ultimate flexibility! You can share them with as many friends as you want and there are no play restrictions. At only $39 to $49 dollars per round, and the option to add a cart, these golf passes offer a great value.

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How can you use the passes?

Our golf passes do not require you to keep track of a card all season. All rounds are managed through our new Club Management Software, Chronogolf. You will create an account and be able to see how many rounds you have remaining. If you have club credit (a house account) you will also be able to check your balance and top it up.

Granite Springs also now has an Apple (pictured right) and Android App, which allows you to manage your account, book tee times, and much more! When you book a tee time you simply apply one of your pass rounds to the tee time and it will automatically be deducted from your account. You can even use the rounds for two nine-hole rounds (i.e. you can use a 12 round pass for 24 nine-hole rounds if you wish). We will be sending out further details on how to set up and manage your Granite Springs account in the coming weeks.

What do the passes cost?

You can view the full cost of our passes and memberships here: Membership and Golf Passes. Our passes range in price from $39 to $49 per round and if you would like to add a power cart it is roughly $10 more per round (50% savings on power cart).  How do these prices compare with our regular rates? Our spring rate will be $49 any time and our peak season green fees will range from $49 to $69 per 18-hole round. You really can’t beat passes!

What if you run out?

Another great perk of the golf passes is you can add on rounds at any time at the per round rate at which you purchased! For example, if you purchased 36 rounds at $39 per round and you use them up by September, you can purchase additional rounds at $39 dollars a round.


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