The Granite Springs Golf Club is pleased to offer their support to numerous charities and not-for-profit organizations throughout Nova Scotia. The information below will detail the Granite Springs Golf Club policy and guide you through the process of requesting a donation.

Which organizations are supported?

We support registered Nova Scotia based charities and not-for-profit groups.

How do I submit?

  • Due to the volume of requests received, we must receive your request at least 4 weeks prior to your event.
  • Successful applicants are limited to one donation per season.
  • Requests must be submitted through our online system below.
  • Requests submitted via email, fax, mail or phone will NOT be accepted.
  • We are unable to make monetary donations or provide monetary sponsorships.

How are donations determined?

The types of items donated are at the discretion of the Granite Springs Golf Course. Considerations include the type of fundraising event and the projected amount to be raised. An additional deciding factor is the number of requests received, as we have a limited number of items and events available each season.

After you submit the request form online, you will receive a return email from the Granite Springs Golf Course Marketing Manager. Submitting an online request does not guarantee that your organization will receive a donation or permission to use the Granite Springs Golf Course as an event venue.

If you meet the guidelines outlined above, you may submit a request for a charitable donation by completing the online form below. We thank you for your donation submission request in advance.

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