Granite Springs Golf Club is a scenic 18-hole, Par-72 golf course overlooking the picturesque Shad Bay, just 30 minutes from downtown Halifax. With a fully stocked pro-shop, world-class cuisine, golf lessons, clinics and spacious venues for weddings & events, we’ve got it all. What are you waiting FORE! Come see us today!

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Granite Springs Golf Course Map

Hole #1 | Par 4

392 yards | HDCP 2

Begin play on a long Par-4 measuring 392 yards. The slight dogleg left requires accuracy and distance off the tee. On your approach shot be careful of the mounds around the green with hidden ponds on the right and in front. A layup shot to 100 yards could be a wise choice in some situations. Par is a good score on this hole.

golf hole number one

Hole #2 | Par 4

304 yards | HDCP 14

This 304-yard Par-4 is best played with a long iron off the tee to the left side of the fairway to avoid the huge water hazards on the right. Your approach shot will be a short iron to a small green that gently slopes away from you.

golf hole two

Hole #3 | Par 5

502 yards | HDCP 4

This 502-yard Par-5 will require three good shots if you’re looking for a birdie. Long hitters may be able to reach the green in two with a large tee shot. Your approach shot should be a short to mid iron to an undulating green that is highlighted by a huge granite boulder at the back. You’ll be happy with a Par on this hole!

golf hole 3

Hole #4 | Par 4

350 yards | HDCP 8

This Par-4 slight dogleg left measuring 350 yards requires accuracy and distance off the tee so that you can see the beautiful approach shot to the green. Your second shot will require a mid to short iron to a green that is guarded by three mounds and a small bunker.

hole 4

Hole #5 | Par 3

158 Yards | HDCP 6

This Par-3 measures 158 yards. Club selection is essential to making your three, so check the wind first. The green has a pond in the front and is surrounded by forestry.

golf course hole 5

Hole #6 | Par 4

304 yards | HDCP 16

This short, 304-yard Par-4 dogleg left requires a well-placed tee shot on the right side of the fairway. This leaves a short iron approach to a green that has gentle rolls, making putting difficult. Birdies are attainable on this hole.


Hole #7 | Par 4

245 yards | HDCP 18

The shortest Par-4 on the course at 245 yards, this hole will tempt many players to go for the green off the tee. The smart play is to place a long iron on the fairway, followed by hitting a short approach shot to the long and narrow mounded green. Birdies should be plentiful on this hole.

hole 7

Hole #8 | Par 3

170 yards | HDCP 12

This 170-yard Par-3 is very challenging to all golfers. The tee shot is over a pond and the right side of the hole has granite outcroppings. The member’s bounce here is to the right side of this very small green.

hole 8

Hole #9 | Par 5

430 yards | HDCP 10

This 430-yard Par-5 is a beautiful driving hole from an elevated tee to a landing area that slopes to the right. Long hitters attempting to get home in two will be faced with a blind shot that must clear a pond in front of the green. The lay-up shot should be positioned on the right side of the fairway. This will give a good view of the medium-sized stadium green that is heavily contoured. Par is considered a good score here!

golf hole 9

Hole #10 | Par 4

336 yards | HDCP 5

This tough-looking 336-yard Par-4 is actually not that tough. Your tee shot requires a 210-yard carry over three ponds to the top of the hill, leaving a 150-yard approach to an elevated green. Like #9, par is a good score on this hole.

golf hole 10

Hole #11 | Par 5

521 yards | HDCP 1

This Par-5 is the longest hole on the course (521 yards) and also the tightest. Accuracy is more essential than distance on your tee shot, which should be placed on the left side of the fairway to avoid trouble from trees and rocks on the right. Keep your second shot on the left of the fairway, as it will roll back to the center. A tiny sloping green from left to right guarded by mounds and a bunker will not yield that many birdies. Take your par and run!

golf hole 11

Hole #12 | Par 4

326 yards | HDCP 17

A somewhat short hole of 326 yards, this Par-4 requires a tee shot on the left side to allow the ball to bounce back towards the middle of this left-to-right sloped fairway. Long ball hitters will need to be careful of the pond on the left front of the green. You’ll use a short iron to an elevated, three-tiered green. Be sharp to get your two-putt on this green!

golf hole 12

Hole #13 | Par 3

143 yards | HDCP 9

This 143-yard Par-3 offers little room for error with its well-mounded small green. Anything not landing on the green will bounce left. Be sure you check the wind before you choose your club on the tee, as it can be hidden by the trees.

golf hole 13

Hole #14 | Par 4

366 yards | HDCP 7

This 366-yard Par-4 requires a very strategic tee shot. A long iron or fairway wood is a good play here off the tee. Your second shot is played to the longest green on the course. Don’t go left, as there is a big drop-off where your ball will be lost. Par is a good score here.

golf course hole 14

Hole #15 | Par 4

376 yards | HDCP 3

An accurate and lengthy tee shot is essential for a good opportunity to clear the pond covering the right side of the green on your second shot on this 376-yard par 4. A smart player may choose to land short of the water and leave a 100-yard pitch over the pond.

golf course hole 15

Hole #16 | Par 3

156 yards | HDCP 13

Our signature 156-yard Par-3 requires a tee shot to carry three small ponds to a two-tiered green guarded by four bunkers. You’ll be rewarded with a good tee shot but you may scramble for par if you miss the green. Take a minute to enjoy the scenery on this hole.

hole 16 granite springs golf club

Hole #17 | Par 4

321 yards | HDCP 11

A strategically placed tee shot on this Par-4, 321-yard dogleg left will be on the right side of the fairway 200 yards from the tee. This will leave a short iron shot to an undulating green with an outcropping granite boulder behind it. This is not a hole to be taken lightly. 4 is a good score.

golf course hole 17

Hole #18 | Par 5

447 yards | HDCP 15

This is a 447-yard Par-5 to finish your round. Your tee shot is hit from an elevated tee to a fairly wide fairway. The big spruce is a great target on the right side of the fairway. This Par-5 is reachable in two shots for some players, so birdie is a great possibility to finish your day.

golf course hole 18

Directions from Downtown Halifax

  • Find your way to Barrington street and Turn left onto Cogswell St. Passing through 1 roundabout. (Cogswell St is 0.3 kilometers past Duke St, If you reach Upper Water St. you’ve gone a little too far)
  • After 1.25 km Cogswell St becomes Quinpool Rd.
  • After 2.53 km Enter next roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto NS-3.
  • After 3.72 km Turn left onto Prospect Rd/NS-333.
  • After 20.45 km Arrive at Granite Springs Golf CLUB, 4441 Prospect Rd, Bayside, NS. (on the right)

Directions from Airport

  • Start out going north on Bell Blvd toward Silver Dart Dr.
  • After 0.84 km Bell Blvd becomes Stanfield Blvd.
  • After 0.69 km Take Stanfield Blvd toward NS-102/Halifax/Truro.
  • After 0.21 km Turn slight right onto Bell Blvd.
  • After 0.80 km Merge onto NS-102 S/Veterans Memorial Hwy toward Halifax/Dartmouth.
  • After 10.19 km keep right to take NS-102 S/Bicentennial Hwy toward NS-101/NS-103/Halifax/Bedford/Sackville.
  • After 22.99 km Merge onto NS-103 W via EXIT 1A toward NS-3/NS-333/Lighthouse Trail/Peggys Cove/South Shore/Yarmouth.
  • After 1.54 km Merge onto NS-3/St Margarets Bay Rd via EXIT 2B toward NS-333/Lighthouse Trail/Halifax/Peggys Cove/Ragged Lake.
  • After 1.03 km Turn right onto Prospect Rd/NS-333.
  • After 20.50 km Arrive at Granite Springs Golf CLUB, 4441 Prospect Rd, Bayside, NS. (on the right)

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