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Host a World Class Golf Tournament at Granite Springs

Golf is a great game and an excellent way to spend time out of the office and the routine of your normal week. For many years Granite Springs has hosted some of the best golf tournaments in Nova Scotia such as the St. Mary’s Alumni Golf Tournament, the Parts for Trucks Golf Tournament, Gideons Golf Tournament, and the Deaf Youth Association of Nova Scotia Golf Tournament to name a few. Some of these golf tournaments allow employees to get out of the office and spend a fun day with customers and vendors and others are a great way to raise money.


Golf Tournament

Most of our golf tournaments rage in size from 75 golfers to fields of 140+ golfers, but we also host smaller groups. The common theme between all tournaments at Granite Springs is everyone has fun. We host professional events with top notch customer service, golf, and dining, that makes running a tournament at Granite Springs a guaranteed success. Download our Tournament Planner for more details.

We have dedicated, year-round staff to assist you with the planning of your tournament if you have never done it before (it’s easier than it sounds!). From the early planning stages to the time your last guest leaves our staff will be working to make sure your event is a huge success.

 Golf Passes

Granite Springs also offers golf passes, which can be used by anyone! You get the benefit of an excellent group rate and can distribute the passes to anyone you please. These passes are great gifts to your customers, vendors, employees, and friends! Or get some friends together and you can share one of an Experience Pass package.

Getting together for a great day of golf has never been easier or more affordable. Whether you want to run a golf tournament or use some golf passes, Granite Springs offers an unforgettable experience. Please contact Greg Long (details below) to learn more about how Granite Springs could be perfect for your company, industry, community or group.


New for 2018 we are offering the opportunity to advertise your brand at Granite Springs. We have a number of options available, including tee box signage and television displays in the clubhouse. Contact Greg for more information and download our Sponsorship Package.

 Meeting Space

We also have a meeting room that can be utilised for off site meetings. There is no better way to focus on the task at hand than a meeting outside the office. The added benefit of doing it at Granite Springs is you get to golf before or after and enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks as a team. Our meeting room features a smart board with a conference table suitable for up to 20 people.


For inquires regarding any of the categories above please contact:

Greg Long

Membership and Marketing Director


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