Bonus Tip #7: Chipping From the Rough

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Missing the green isn’t fun, but it does happen on occasion. Being able to recover quickly is what separates the good from the great. One of the toughest shots is chipping out of the rough, it can be challenging to tell how the ball will jump out of the rough and how much spin it will have. When you approach your ball in the rough, look at the lie. Try and find a spot like it and take a few practice swings to see how your club reacts through the grass, this will help you judge your swing speed. Most of the time around a green the grass beside your ball is different from the grass found behind your ball.

Here are a few different lies in the rough

In the first picture you have a clump of grass behind your ball or in front of your ball. when it is behind your ball your chip will not have much spin and will launch low, when it is in front expect low spin but a higher launch.

In the second picture the ball is sitting down in the rough, the objective here should be just to get a solid strike on the ball. It won’t have much spin and will normally launch low. you need to hit down on the ball in this situation.

The last picture is a very nice lie, the ball is sitting on top of the rough. For this shot the ball will generally launch higher and with more spin making it easier to control.


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