Bonus Tip #20: It’s a Par 72 Course

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It’s a Par 72 Course

Par 72 vs Hole by Hole Par: Are you like the majority of golfers that get stuck in the trap of thinking of golf as a hole by hole game? Many golfers fall into this category, even myself at times. Have you ever thought of thinking about golf as a par 72 courseĀ  instead of a hole by hole? this can be a great strategy for any golfer, try thinking of that tricky par 3 as a par 4 and that easy par 5 as a par 4. Doing simply stuff like changing the par of holes can make the game easier for some golfers and make the tricky holes a little less stressful.

Let’s look at it this way. Say we have a course that is the normal par 72 course(4 par 5s and 4 par 3s). Then we take that same course and change two of the par 5s into par 4s. Not a big change mainly just shortening the length.

What will this change do to the course for the avg golfer and the tour player?

If you look at the handicap for most courses the par 3s are generally the easiest and then the par 4s and then the hardest are the par 5s. I know there are exceptions on every course, but generally that is how it is on the scorecard. The reason the par 3s are the easiest is that the avg golfer only has to hit one full shot compared to two for a par 4 and three for a par 5. So if you make two par 5s into par 4s then the course will be easier for the avg golfer.

Now the tour player this is totally different. In 2007 only like 2 or 3 guys had stroke averages below par on par 3s. Same story for par 4s, only 2 or 3 guys had stroke averages below par. But for par 5s way over half of the players had stroke averages below par on par 5s. We all pretty much know why that is the case. Length.

So in summary for the avg golfer comparable courses par 70 will be easier than par 72 course. The opposite is true for tour players. I also think the tends true as your handicap goes down the scale.

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