2019 Sponsorship Program

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Granite Springs Golf Club is a scenic golf course with a 27-year history. We have members who have been here from day one and continue to support us. We offer an exceptional experience to nearly 350 members and thousands of guests every year.

With our beautiful landscape and widespread group of clients, we are very excited to be offering Seasonal Sponsorship for purchase in 2019!

Corporate sponsorship is an excellent way for you to showcase your business to a wide variety of individuals. In the run of a season, your sponsorship with Granite Springs has the potential to make over 30,000 impressions on our members and guests. Your business would also get the exposure from the multiple tournaments that we hold in the run of a year.

We’re excited about the potential these sponsorships have to both our business partners and to our members. Granite Springs is looking forward to building strong partnerships with this new opportunity!

To view our 2019 Sponsorship Package, Click HERE.

For more information regarding our sponsorship opportunities, please contact General Manager Solomon Wang by solomon.w@gsgolf.ca.

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