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Member Spotlight

As many of you may know Granite Springs took an aggressive approach in a mission to recruit more members for the 2019 Golf Season with our “Early Bird” membership pricing. We recruited 104 new members between the ages of 18-35, this is something we are very excited about and you should be as well. Our Membership Spotlight highlights Phil Poirier. Phil Poirier is one of our new members in this age category and once he heard about the new pricing model him and 24 of his friends decided to join as well. As part of our membership spotlight, we sat down with Phil to ask him a couple of questions and discuss his experience with being a member of Granite Springs.

Q) Please give us a brief description about yourself?
A) Hello, my name is Phil Poirier I am 30 years old and a first year golfer and member at Granite Springs Golf Club.

Q) Why did you decide to take up the game of golf?
A) I first got into it because all of my friends were very pumped for golf season to start and I couldn’t be left out. Earlier in the year Granite Springs offered a 1 month trial membership and I decided to buy one to see if I would enjoy it and boy did I ever. I played ever weekend with a group of 6 or 7 friends and always had a blast.

Q) What is your favorite part of being a member at Granite Springs?
A) Just being in the environment with your friends, friendly staff members, other members who I have never met before. Getting to know tons of new people is something that I enjoy here. They’re plenty of nice people. My friends and I loved coming out on beautiful days on a beautiful golf course and playing little friendly competitions. My father is also a member at the club so getting to play with him on a regular basis is something I also couldn’t pass up.

Q) Why did you recruit close to 25 people to become members at Granite Springs?
A) When the club released the new membership prices it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Once word got out I was calling people to join and they were on board. It was truly a team effort to get 25 people to come join the club. The excitement grew in a very fast time.

Q) What would you recommend to anyone thinking about joining Granite Springs?
A) Anyone who golfs a lot or is interested in getting into golf should be looking into these great prices. Granite Springs is a challenge course, close to the city and is always trying to bring in members together with events. They’re also doing lots of work with the fairways to enhance our golf experience, this is very nice to see as a new member. You’ll definitely be getting you moneys worth with these great prices.

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